Preserving maximum plant and wildlife diversity is an active and adaptive process, requiring the maintenance of a wide variety of habitats. Management plans must continually be revisited to ensure that our goals are met.

Roadside Management


pdf Roadside Management Plan, updated December 2009

pdf General Mowing Plan for Roadsides, updated December 2009

The purpose of the roadside management plan is to establish guidelines for the management of Spring Island roadsides which will result in an aesthetically pleasing statement that reinforces Spring Island’s sense of place, while ensuring safe conditions along the Island’s roads for all travelers. The island’s sense of place encompasses it agricultural history, its hunting plantation heritage, and its wildness as a lowcountry sea island. This plan is a work in progress and will be reevaluated as results are observed

The Stewardship Committee implements this plan. The Spring Island Trust consults and insures that the management of roadsides is in keeping with the nature preserve philosophy.