Nature Center


Explore the educational initiatives of Spring Island…

Environmental education is essential for keeping the philosophy of Spring Island intact for future generations. The types of education programs offered by the Trust are diverse. Thursday evening talks from prominent naturalists, artists, and scientists are held throughout the year. Informal Saturday morning walks and kayak trips are held most weekends. In addition, on and off-island programs expose members and guests to diverse ecosystems and environmental issues.


Mobley Nature Center

The cornerstone of the environmental education program is the Mobley Nature Center. Members and guests can browse through the varied collection of natural artifacts and live animals. The Nature Center also has a diverse collection of books in the library. On the back side of the nature center is a butterfly garden that contains an array of attractive and beneficial plants.


Camp Spring Island

Camp Spring Island has become a popular July event for the children and grandchildren of members and their friends. During this program, kids learn about the ecology of different plants and animals on Spring Island and beyond. Members are actively involved with this program.


The LowCountry Institute

The LowCountry Institute extends environmental education beyond the boundaries of Spring Island. Hundreds of school children and civic group members come annually to the island to learn about nature. The LowCountry Institute also teaches a Master Naturalist class to Spring Island members and other adults in the region. This is a broad class where students can learn to identify the common plants and animals of the region. In addition, the course provides a foundation of ecological theory which will enhance their understanding of the natural world around them.