Landscaping on Spring Island should not be thought of as added beautification, but rather as another part of the home and the Island: create outdoor rooms with natural screens for walls, with trees and trellises forming roofs.

Landscaper Certification


Collectively, homeowners are responsible for the stewardship of approximately 1/3 of Spring Island. Preserving the Spring Island philosophy depends on members managing their property in a way that maintains Spring Island’s natural diversity and sense of place. Most members rely on a landscape contractor to maintain their property. The HRB and The Spring Island Trust have developed a Landscape Contractor Certification Program to train landscape contractors on how to be effective landscape managers on Spring Island.

Below is a list of those contractors certified through this program. Please note the name of the individual contractor as only individuals are certified, not the company. For questions concerning the certification program contact Spring Island Trust Landscape Ecologist, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (843-987-2016).